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Rezzan Çankır was born in Istanbul. In 1998, she started her career as an assistant director in the television industry. Between 1998-2000 she worked as a producer director in various TV programs.

Subsequently; she worked as the casting director of many reputable films and TV
series, including The Butterly’s Dream, Magic Carpet Ride, A.R.O.G, The 40, Vizontele
Tuuba, The Gift and 50 M2. In addition to that, she also acted as the casting director of
many domestic and foreign commercials.


She represents Turkey’s leading actors, screenwriters and directors as their agent. In
recent years, she has contributed to the realization of reputable projects by working on
content and project design, together with the talents she represents. Currently, she
continues her works in the fields of talent and creative content management.

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